Real Estate

We plan, design, cultivate, and build communities where
people can thrive better together.

We Plan & Develop

Connection, growth, and togetherness are at the heart of every living and working community we build. We design our spaces to be welcoming and believe there’s always a better way to do things. We create environments where everyone can thrive.

We Build

We’re continually reimagining what “home” truly means. Inspired by endless possibilities, guided by the latest research, we build communities where everyone feels like they belong.

We Cultivate

We create spaces we’d love to live in, where natural conversation and collaboration bring serenity and connection. Catering to everyone’s lifestyle needs, our projects blend living, working, and playing seamlessly together.

Think of us as
the ‘Intel-inside’
of Real Estate

We’re celebrating 25 years of powering real estate in Toronto.

Thrive. Better. Together

Experience the community of the future, that helps you connect with others more naturally and belong more fully within the world. Let’s re-imagine it together.

Invest in the Future
of Community
with us.


Welcome to Veraine! Here you’ll find nature’s beauty, the comforts of home, and countless opportunities to grow. Come, explore, and make it yours!